[20191115 : Colloquium] On Groups of Circle Diffeomorphisms

1. 일시 : 20191115() 오후 430~ 530

2. 장소 : 아산이학관 526

3. 연사 : 김상현(고등과학원 수학부)

4. 제목 : On Groups of Circle Diffeomorphisms

5. 내용 : We discuss a triangle of viewpoints for circle diffeomorphism

groups: analysis, dynamics and group theory. In particular, we

illustrate how the regularities (from the analytic side) of

diffeomorphisms govern the dynamics and the group theoretical

properties of diffeomorphisms. This line of study can be traced back

to the works of Holder, Denjoy, Tsuboi, Thurston and many more.