[20220520 : Colloquium]

Newton-Okounkov bodies in algebraic geometry

1. 일시 2022년 5월 20일 (금) 16:00-17:00

2. 장소 Zoom을 이용한 실시간 온라인 강연

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3. 연사 : 최성락 교수 (연세대학교 수학과)

4. 제목 : Newton-Okounkov bodies in algebraic geometry

5. 초록 : In algebraic geometry, the study of divisors is crucial because divisors encode rich geometric information of algebraic varieties.
Naturally, there are many ways to study divisors. In this talk, I will explain how one can attach a convex body to a given divisor and how various positivities of divisors are encoded in such convex bodies.

문의 : 허야용 교수님(yaryong@korea.ac.kr)